Brand: Augusto Reyes
Shape: Churchill (7x48)
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Natural/Connecticut
Body: Mild

Augusto Reyes Churchill

Description: I have very mixed feelings about this cigar. On one hand, there were a lot of things I liked about this cigar, including some of the unusual, intricate, spicy flavors that were vaguely reminiscent to a Nicaraguan cigar. On the other, my particular specimen had a tight draw, and as you know can affect many things other than your patience.

As it happens, my patience gave out after about 40 minutes. I chucked it. It is possible the tightness of the draw didn't allow for some of the more subtle and friendly flavors to seep through. With what I have to go on though, I can't give this cigar high ratings because, as I said, I just couldn't get through it satisfactorily. I did not enjoy it. Bleh.

On the plus side, the wrapper was beautiful and clean, with only very small veins showing through. The wrapper had a beautiful oily sheen to it, and the cigar burned very evenly for the 40 minutes that I did smoke it. One other note about the wrapper, (negativity again, I know - apologies), about 2 inches in, there appeared through no fault of my own, a breach in that beautiful wrapper. Probably from the heat of the burning end approaching, the tobacco cracked, peeled, and fell off, leaving a good square inch of ugly underlayer exposed. It was about 10 minutes after this that I abandoned the effort of this cigar.

I would try this cigar again. I'm not willing to write it off yet. But, as it stands now, the ratings are thus:

Appearance and Construction: 15/15
Flavor: 19/25
Smoking Characteristics: 15/25
Overall: 12/20
Value: 10/15
Total: 61/100

Smoking Time: 40 minutes - Unfinished
Price: $37.95 for 5 ($7.59 per) from Thomspon Cigars.