Brand: Victor Sinclair Legacy
Shape: Torpedo-Box Pressed (7x52)
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Maduro/Connecticut
Body: Mild (1/3)

Victor Sinclair Legacy Box Pressed Torpedo

Description: I had high hopes for this one. I really did. Victor Sinclair often makes a fine product, and a perfectly enjoyable smoke. This time, I'm afraid they fell far short of all hopes and expectations.

The failure in this cigar was primarily in the taste. In fact, I would rate it quite highly in most other categories. It was easy on the eyes, with a nice oily wrapper and uniform look to the thing, no veins poking out oddly, and no lumps, soft spots or other oddities to speak of. Actually, it was nicely rolled. It cut easily, smoked well, kept it's burn VERY evenly.

It seems to me that the problem I have with the cigar is in the tobacco itself, and in no other part of the cigar. While the cigar seems to have been well rolled, the material the crafter was using was shoddy. I'll start from a point to be contended. There are those that believe that crumbly ash is caused by a poorly rolled cigar. In my experience (and logical opinion) this is far more likely to be caused by the quality of tobacco, as I believe the case to be with these cigars. It didn't hold together much at all. Points off for that.

Now we come to my main complaint. The taste. As I said before, I really did have high hopes for this cigar. At the get-go, the cigar had a delightfully sweet and honey-like flavor that kept my positively giddy. I knew this cigar was not a flavored gas station  junkwad, but it did contain that certain extra flavor. Sadly, it lasted for an inch before all flavor was lost entirely. If I had to give a name to the taste the cigar gave off for the vast majority of the smoke, I would name it water. And it would remain bland. Finally, in the last third of the smoke, when the cigar became more harsh, some flavor returned to the smoke. Unfortunately, it returned in a form reminiscent of a baby's diaper (clean) or a baby wipe. Not something you want to be putting in your mouth. I through it out (about 2.5 good inches left) when it began irritating my lip.

I would love to give this cigar a higher rating, but as I say, it did not please. I won't write off Sinclair just yet though. If you think this was just a fluke, please let me know!

Appearance and Construction: 15/15
Flavor: 12/25
Smoking Characteristics: 24/25
Overall: 10/20
Value: 12/15
Total: 63/100

Smoking Time: ~1 hr 35 min
Price: $66 for a box of 20 ($3.30 per). On sale for $55 for 20 (limited time?) at Thompson Cigar.