Brand: Indian Tabac (Super Fuente)
Shape: Toro (6x52)
Tobacco Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Maduro
Body: Medium

Indian Tabac (Super Fuente) Toro

Description: I really enjoyed this cigar. There is not much to talk about in terms of this cigar beyond my conviction that you should try it. It's not superb, it's not horrible, but it's above average. Seriously... Try it.

The first inch and a half have a strong pepper taste - and I don't just mean the peppery spiciness that you find in many cigars, though it does have that too. It tastes of freshly ground pepper corns. I noticed another undertone that I had difficulty describing. I finally settled on 'strawberry,' especially once that taste became noticeably stronger as the cigar burned on.

The cigar itself burned a little off kilter, but I kept it in line. It lit easily, cut easily, smoked easily. Tasted great! It's not a killer cigar, but it's a good choice for anybody, especially on a budget. May I reiterate... Try this one!

Appearance and Construction: 15/15
Flavor: 23/25
Smoking Characteristics: 23/25
Overall: 17/20
Value: 13/15
Total: 81/100

Smoking Time: ~1 hr 30 min.
Price: $20 for four cigars, or $5 per, from Thompson Cigar.