Brand: Cusano (18)
Shape: Robusto (5x50)
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Maduro
Body: Medium

Cusano (18) Robusto

Description: I wasn't sure what to make of this particular cigar at first. Upon cutting the cigar, I took a dry draw and was pleasantly surprised with a distinct flavor of dried apples and cork. This flavor persisted through most of the cigar, occasionally picking up hints of wood dust. Overall the flavor of the cigar was excellent and I had a good time with it.

The big drawback (pun intended :P) of this cigar was the uneven burn. While it stayed lit just fine, it did tend to canoe rather aggravatingly. I had to keep using my lighter to manually burn down the higher side. It was an impairment that can't be overlooked, despite the cigars many other positive qualities.

Would I recommend this cigar? I think so. It was a good smoke, and an enjoyable experience. Don't expect the world's best, but even a connoisseur wouldn't say no to this cigar.

Appearance and Construction: 13/15
Flavor: 23/25
Smoking Characteristics: 17/25
Overall: 15/20
Value: 11/15
Total: 80/100

Smoking Time: 1 hr
Price: $53 for box of 9 ($5.89 per cigar) or $97 for box of 18 ($5.39) at