Brand: Belmondo (Vintage Reserva)
Shape: Robusto
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Natural
Body: Full

Belmondo (Vintage Reserva) Robusto Maduro

Description: I was not expecting the kind of flavor and endurance of this cigar at all. At all. Granted, this is the first cigar I have had in a long time (check the date of the previous post if you doubt me). Still, I know what I like, and I know what is good. This is not bad at all. It is definitely no Cohiba (obviously!) but it's a reasonable smoke. On Amazon, they might classify it as a "daily smoke."

At the beginning, it started out sweet, mild, welcoming and wholesome. This was especially surprising because before lighting up, I took a dry puff, as I usually do. The dry puff yielded a grassy flavor. I was under the impression that this was going to be a dud. A real stinker. But the truth is, as soon as I lit up, I couldn't believe the amount of complexity and flavor that I was noticing the whole way through. Further into the cigar, I detected subtle, yet recognizable hints of earth, pine, and amaretto.

Seriously, give this one a go!

Appearance and Construction: 15/15
Flavor: 19/25
Smoking Characteristics: 23/25
Overall: 18/20
Value: 14/15
Total: 89/100
Smoking Time: ~1 hr. 15 min.
Price: $67.95 for a box of 25 (~$2.72 per cigar) from Thompson Cigar.