Brand: Gurkha
Shape: Toro (6x50)
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Maduro
Body: Full

Gurkha European Selection Maduro Toro
Description: Man, I wish I could buy Gurkhas in bulk. After all that crap I've smoked lately, it's really nice to finally sit down with a  quality cigar and enjoy myself. I deserved it too. I've been on a health kick lately, trying to lose a few extra pounds, get my heart in shape, hopefully clear up a skin condition I've got. It's an ongoing process, and you're welcome to follow my journey by checking out the blog I'm running ("The Right Stuff" - I'd certainly appreciate your support. But I digress. Anyway, this cigar came at the end of a long week of being tough to myself, and I deserved it. And the Heineken I threw back with it.

Like most Gurkhas, this cigar is quite spicy, but in a heavy way. A Punch cigar is spicy in a light fiery way, that races across your palate like a blaze on the open prairie. A Gurkha's spiciness is heavier, like it's moving through water. I like them a lot. They're sometimes a bit too much to handle for some people, but for me, there's nothing I like better than a good quality smoke with a healthy amount of flavor.

I'll say no more. Do yourself a favor and buy some of these cigars. You'll be impressed, and you're sure to impress.

Appearance and Construction: 14/15
Flavor: 24/25
Smoking Characteristics: 22/25
Overall: 19/20
Value: 13/15
Total: 92/100
Smoking Time: 1 hr. 35 min.
Price: $27.95 for pack of 5 cigars ($5.59 per cigar) at Thompson Cigar.