Brand: El Diamante (Prohibido)
Shape: Churchill
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut
Body: Mild/Medium

El Diamante Prohibido Connecticut Churchill

Description: This cigar I smoked while herfing with a friend of mine who smoked the PDR Value Line Reserve Maduro. I reviewed that last year. We traded cigars for a second at one point, just for comparison's sake, and I asked for mine back very quickly. This one is a no brainer. Between the two, this one wins out every time.

I saw the label on this cigar and I readied myself for a letdown. I really was expecting a cigar that was no better than a 60/100. That's how low I set my expectations for this cigar. I wasn't even sure I would finish it.

The cigar was rather ugly. Although the wrapper was pretty smooth overall, their were some unsightly veins in the leaf that were a totally different color from the rest of the wrapper, and sort of looked careless to me. Again, reaffirming my low expectations for the cigar.

As soon as I lit up however, I could see how wrong I was. Not very. Okay, so it was a little better than what I thought I would get, but it still seemed only like a 70/100 cigar to me. Immediately I detected notes of curry and cardamom, and that lasted through the first third. I also noted that there was a decidedly bitter taste to the cigar, but it was more like a bitter herb bitterness than a bitter chemical bitterness. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but the point is, it didn't deter me. The ash was extremely crumbly, it barely built up at all. Just taking note of it. I wouldn't take points off for that alone, but if that was supported by an unraveling wrapper or a tight draw, I'd chalk it up to poor construction. This seemed fine.

Nearing the middle of the cigar, I noted that the taste turned MUCH sweeter, and although there was still a decidedly bitter taste to it, the whole experience became more refreshing. A little while later, I wrote down on a piece of paper "As the cigar gets shorter, my enjoyment of it goes up." That pretty much sums up my experience with this cigar.

In the last third, look for a distinct, sweet, mocha flavor. It reminded me of coffee and cream. A great treat for sticking it out to the end.

My esteem of the cigar went from very low (60's) to extremely decent (86)! I think that rating is a little high, but I honestly don't know where else to take off points. Maybe from Appearance, because of that awful, gaudy label?

I say, yeah sure, why not? Try it out, it's a cigar after all.

Appearance and Construction: 12/15
Flavor: 20/25
Smoking Characteristics: 22/25
Overall: 18/20
Value: 14/15
Total: 86/100
Smoking Time:
Price: $29.95 for a box of 20 cigars ($1.50 per cigar) at Thompson Cigar.