Brand: JR
Shape: Double Corona
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic?
(Note: I don't know if this is actually Dominican, though I suspect it. It is for this reason I have not added the "Tobacco: Dominican Republic" label to it.
Wrapper: Maduro
Body: 2/3

JR Calidad Suprema Double Corona Maduro

Description: The best things in life are small. Well, okay, maybe not all the best things. This cigar is huge. At a towering 7-7.5 inches long, this was a very very large cigar. I know next to nothing about it, other than what I can surmise from smoking the thing, but after doing a little research on the interwebs, I found similar experiences among my cigar smoking compatriots. This guy Tom, smoked a similar cigar, I believe he had the Churchill version, but the words he uses to describe the cigar are of a similar vein to my experience.

I smelled this cigar before smoking it, as I usually do, and I noted heavy notes of chocolate, whetting my apetite. I was excited for this one. It was a beautiful day on my roof, and the sun was shining, I sat down to enjoy a nice long afternoon smoke. Immediately after lighting up, I noticed the cigar had less of the chocolatiness in the flavor than in the nose. I also identified a distinguished musk to it, almost musty, that I would label either earthy soil, or old weathered wood. The aftertaste was especially notable because not only was it that musty sort of flavor, but it also offered a sort of 'sea salt' experience. None of these flavors was particularly unpleasant. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar beginning to end.

The length of this cigar was absurd enough that it warranted a photo of me smoking it:
Yes, yes, my collar's up. So sue me.
This is not a top of the line cigar, and I've certainly seen better, but you could do a lot worse than this JR cigar. Enjoy it with a glass of water, because this cigar is loooong, and it will dry you out.

Especially for beginner cigar herfers who know that they have not developed a palate, this is a fine cigar to burn through on an afternoon or in the evening.

I bought it at a little tobacco shop in Brooklyn. Same place I bought these Brick and Mortars. So I have no idea where to buy them online. Sorry guys!

Appearance and Construction: 12/15
Flavor: 22/25
Smoking Characteristics: 23/25
Overall: 17/20
Value: 14/15
Total: 88/100
Smoking Time: 1 hr. 30 min. (It burned faster than anticipated - part of the reason I took off for smoking characteristics)
Price: $3.50 per cigar (at this little tobacco shop in Brooklyn. I hear you can get them at the J and R store in Manhattan as well)