Brand: Victor Sinclair (Bohemian Revolution Dos Capa Predator)
Shape: Churchill
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Natural
Body: 2/3

Victor Sinclair Bohemian Revolution Dos Capa Predator Churchill Natural

Description: So I went up to my roof, I sat down with my cigar, all excited for a relaxing afternoon in May, with a good book (Ovid Metamorphoses) and a big 'ole cigar. Next thing you know...
Ovid Metamorphoses

Bitter aftertaste. That was all I could think about for the first inch and a half of the cigar. At a certain point, you just give up, and I did. I threw out the other 5.5" of the tobacco because I just couldn't stand the bitterness. It was just plain unpleasant. Do not buy this cigar. Need I say more?

I love to hear myself talk, so I will. The tobacco itself actually was quite sweet, it was just the aftertaste that got me. Shame. The cigar was also built pretty well. Cut and drew well, lit easily, burned evenly. All that. Mostly. As well as can be expected of a crappy value line Victor Sinclair. I don't know. These guys have been failing me lately. It's a shame really.

Alright. That's all that needs to be said for this guy. Put him on the shelf. Give this cigar to your worst enemy.

Note: This is NOT the same cigar that I reviewed back in February '12. That was a Connecticut wrapper, this is straight up Natural.

Appearance and Construction: 12/15
Flavor: 10/25
Smoking Characteristics: 18/25
Overall: 5/20
Value: 12/15
Total: 67/100
Smoking Time: 20 min. (1.5 inch smoked. Figure another 4.5 to be had, ~1 hr. even.)
Price: Can't find 'em anywhere. Don't want to. Was about $2 per cigar, and that was a ripoff.