Today I have an exciting new post entry type. This is my first non-review post (I'm calling these Non-Review Posts "Xtra Classy" so that you folks can search through them in the Categories bar on the right --->)! Keep calm everybody, breath. Good. I was worried your excitement was going to blow you away for a moment there. Alright, onward.

A friend of mine happened across this cute infographic on Pinterest today, and I had to share it. While I will say that certain parts I definitely DO NOT agree with (for one, as any reader of this blog can attest to, one need not spend over five dollars per cigar for a decent smoke - Exhibit A: The Belmondo Robusto I reviewed a year ago.

Second, and my main point of contention with this infographic; the color of the wrapper does NOT denote the fullness of the body of a cigar, only that of the flavor. What I mean by that is that there are plenty of cigars out there that have lots of punch to their flavor but don't give off a ton of smoke. And vice versa as well. Case in point, Cuban cigars rarely come with a maduro wrapper, because they are all so full flavored. It happens to be that many of them are full bodied as well. Truthfully, what the wrapper gives the cigar is an extra kick in the seat of the pants for a bigger flavor. Also, keep in mind that the body of the cigar is primarily denoted by what the majority of the cigar is made of (as in, the filler/binder). Reading that kind of made me mad, but let us not discount the diagram as a whole on that alone. It still lends a great way to choose a cigar.

For a more in depth understanding of different kinds of cigars, read my article All Shapes and Sizes, as well as Tobacco and Flavor, for knowledge about how different tobaccos affect taste.

Now, enjoy the above-mentioned infographic. Be sure to check it out at its original site: The Inverted Euphemism as well as on Pinterest.

Note: I apologize for the minute size of the thing, it might be helpful to open the image on its own or download it (PC or Mac: Right Click or Ctrl Click > Save As [Save Image As/Download Image As])