Brand: Thompson Corojo Cubano
Shape: Churchill
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Corojo (Honduras)
Body: Light

Thompson Corojo Cubano

Description: Honestly, this is one of those cigars that left me thinking, "you get what you pay for." On the other hand, as a non-snob, I'd give this cigar a second chance. In fact, I feel so strongly about this cigar doing better on a second run that I can assure you that I will rerate the cigar in the future. I'll be sure to include both ratings.

This time however, the cigar didn't impress. There was not much flavor to speak of. I was pretty disappointed with the taste. It wasn't strong, it wasn't overly weak. It was just blah. If it could be compared with a car, it would be the Toyota Sunny. Oh, you haven't heard of it? That's because there are no outstanding characteristics to note. The parable does of course break down at a certain point, but you see my point.

One plus for the cigar is the price. They don't really come any cheaper than this. And with my conviction that it will do better on a rerun (partially because the cigar was old - it was sitting in my brother's humidor for over a year - and partially because reviews on Thompson Cigars indicate that for the price, there is flavor for days), this cigar is probably worth the price.

Note that the wrapper on this cigar is not only Honduran, but it's corojo! If you don't know what is significant about these two characteristics, you might want to read up on the subject in my info page.

Appearance and Construction: 13/15
Flavor: 17/25
Smoking Characteristics: 18/25
Overall: 10/20
Value: 14/15
Total: 72/100
Smoking Time: 1 hr. (Did not finish)
Price: $37 for bundle of 25 cigars (~$1.48 per cigar) at Thompson Cigar.