Brand: Torano
Shape: Robusto
Tobacco Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Connecticut
Body: Mild

Torano Connecticut Robusto

Description: This cigar was alright. Nice to look at, pleasant to smoke. Had some minor problems with the wrapper. That in itself did not really seem to bother my enjoyment of the cigar, though the draw was a little tight.

This was not a complex smoke. It was a dayrider, something to smoke while you're doing something else. Don't pay too much attention to it or you'll be disappointed. If you consider yourself something of a connoisseur, move on, nothing to see here. I did note some interesting flavor qualities I'd like to share, if you're interested.

There were distinct notes of lemon and grass, and there was a distinctly vanilla flavored aftertaste. Unusual, but not really groundbreaking. And not very noticable. It may even be a stretch. So, if you're still interested, check out this "meh-alright-I'll-take-a-look-if-you-really-want-me-to" cigar. Honestly though, at nearly 100 bucks for a box of 25, I don't call it worth your while.

Appearance and Construction: 14/15
Flavor: 19/25
Smoking Characteristics: 16/25
Overall: 17/20
Value: 9/15
Total: 75/100
Smoking Time: ~ 1.5 hrs.
Price: $98.95 for a box of 25 (~$3.96 per cigar) at Cigars International.