Brand: Gurkha
Shape: Reception (4 x 60)
Tobacco Origin: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Natural
Body: Medium

Gurkha Templar Reception Natural (4x60)

Description: I picked up this cigar at a local (tiny) cigar shop, and it was the first time I smoked in a park in a while, becuase last year I was in an apartment with a rooftop. Now I'm in a studio with no roof access. So to the park it was.

The cigar lit up spicy. Way spicier than anything I've had recently, and I liked it. I almost felt like I needed that spiciness, and this cigar delivered. Nothing too crazy, just a pleasant peppery assault at the front of the mouth. After an inch or so, the peppery flavor subsided largely, and I was able to take a gander at the rest of the flavor profile.

The further and further I went along in smoking this cigar, the more convinced I was that I was tasting a man's cigar. Not that there are all that many women smoking stogies, but the tastes apparent here were positively manly. None of that fruity or sweet crap out of this stick. What I was tasting was meat. There was an actual singe of grilled steak (rare), and the succulent, sweet aftertaste of grilled onions. Vegans beware. This thing is delicious, so you may hate it.

Get yourself a stick or thirty and enjoy yourself. Life's too short not to have one of these.

Appearance and Construction: 14/15
Flavor: 22/25
Smoking Characteristics: 23/25
Overall: 18/20
Value: 13/15
Total: 80/100
Smoking Time: 1 hr. 10 min.
Price: $44.95 for a bundle of 15 cigars (or $4.10 per cigar) at Famous Smoke Shop.