Brand: Gurkha (Ninja)
Shape: Churchill
Tobacco Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Maduro
Body: Full

Gurkha Ninja Churchill Maduro

Gurkha Ninja Churchill Maduro
Description: This is a Gurka, and you expect a lot from them. The very name Gurkha today says something, I think, about the person smoking the cigar. To me, a person who smokes Gurkhas is someone who likes adventure. They like excitement, but they also want their experience to be luxurious as a scene from a James Bond movie. That was my mindset as I sat down to toast the foot of this Churchill sized cigar.

It delivered.

The light was easy, and I really enjoyed the full plumes of smoke that the cigar gave off. So much so that I scared my wife off, who had joined me at the beginning. So after the first 15 minutes, I was smoking solo.

My backdrop is awesome
I loved the flavor profile, especially at the beginning. I noticed that the flavor was at once full and robust, and smooth as well. This is something I really only expect from the few Cuban cigars I've had in my lifetime. And yet, I found that the profile was just that.
Gurkha Ninja Churchill Maduro Label

For the first 35 minutes or so, I enjoyed a flavor profile of cocoa and wet mulch, with a spiciness lurking in the background. I knew I'd be seeing more of that really soon.

For the next 15 minutes the taste was leathery and aged. The pepper got more intense. And the smoke smelled sweet, leaving a similarly sweet aftertaste, it almost brought the taste of molasses to mind.

After that the leather taste intensified and was joined by tannin and even more pepper. And it was still a smooth, cool smoke all the way to the end.
This is when I let it die

Truth be told, I didn't smoke this one down to a nub. I was dehydrated and had to stop, but even so, I smoked it for a good hour and a half. If I had to guess the length of the cigar, I'd say 2-2.5 hours.

This is great. If you can afford it, enjoy it.

Appearance and Construction: 14/15
Flavor: 23/25
Smoking Characteristics: 24/25
Overall: 17/20
Value: 11/15
Total: 89/100
Smoking Time: 1 hr. 30 min. (see above, I stopped early)
Price: Box of 20 for $102 (~$5.10 per cigar)