Cigar rating is fickle. You like it today, you hate it tomorrow. So the first thing you should know is that we come back to cigars from time to time and change our opinions. Hey, we’re people too.

We based our rating system on Cigar Aficionado who breaks it down thusly:
Appearance/Construction: up to 15 points
Smoking Characteristics: up to 25 points
Flavor: up to 25 points
Overall Impression: up to 35 points

The one thing we noticed is that CA doesn’t take price into account. For most people, it matters. A delicious cigar at $1 Million would score 0 in our book. Because we could never have it. So we use this system.

Appearance and Construction: up to 15
Flavor: up to 25
Smoking Characteristics: up to 25
Overall: up to 20
Value: up to 15
Total: up to 100

You will notice we have simply taken 15 points from the Overall Impression and given it to the Value rating. I always feel better about a cigar if I spent very little on it but had a great time with it.

And then it all totals up to 100 points.

In every review, we also provide the brand, shape/size, tobacco origin, wrapper type, and body of the cigar. This is in addition to a photo of the cigar, the in depth description, estimated smoking time (based on our experience at ~1 puff per minute) and price (and link to online retail when applicable).

That’s a lot!

Happy smoking.